James Sackl, CEO

The future of work is people. I firmly believe that. But to get there we need to unlock 100% of the human, which is vastly different to what happens at the time of writing.

To achieve our vision of unlocking 100% of the human I believe Dash must take the following course of action:

  1. Release a game-changing product that people actually want to use. The function of this product is to map skills, the skills of the entire workforce. The functionality built will need to allow this software to spread-rapidly organisation to organisation and I believe this should be done through incorporating collaborative features into all layers of function.

  2. Once we have achieved a sufficient number of users across various companies, I believe the next step would be to allow inter-company sharing of people. This will alleviate unnecessary recruitment while providing revenue to the company hiring the person out. At the same time, when a person is “off-duty” their skill sets may be called upon through our marketplace via Shift.

  3. After achieving a culture where transient workers are the norm, the transformation to a just-in-time, result-oriented workforce will enable Dash to offer a marketplace to entrepreneurs to bring together teams to create companies quickly and easily.

We need an evangelic band of early adopters who can help promote Dash to their friends and family. I hope you can join us on this journey to ensure all humans are appreciated for their unique abilities.



James SacklDash