Frequently asked questions

What is a project?

A project is a container for the individual positions that are required to achieve successful project outcomes. Each individual position has required skill sets that are relevant to the successful completion of the project.

The start and end dates allocated to each individual position automatically update the overarching start and end dates for the project.

What is a skill?

Skills are specific key competencies that define a person’s role within an organisation. They can relate to software, areas of expertise, task management etc.

A skill is defined as being either a ‘Core Competency’ or ‘Developing’. This allows you to track the progress of your people as they develop new skills within your organisation.

Dash uses the skills of people within your organisation to find the best match for any position within a project. The Dash algorithm will preferentially assign roles to people with Core Competency skills over Developing skills.

How do I add a skill to an organisation?

When skills are added to an organisation, it makes them available for selection when staff are creating their individual profiles. If a skill has not been added to an organisation, then it will not be available for selection (As staff members do not have authorisation to create skills).

Only people with ‘Manager’ access are able to create skills and add them to an organisation.

To add skills to an organisation, click on the ‘Skills‘ tab and then click on the ‘Add New Skill’ butt

How do I add skills to my profile?

Skills are able to be selected from a predefined list of ‘organisation skills’. This pre-defined list only editable by people with ‘Manager’ access.

To add skills to your profile, click on the ‘You’ tab and choose ‘Skills’ from the menu on the left. You can then select your skills from the ‘Organisation Skills’ dropdown, and set the level of your skill (‘Core Competency’ or ‘Developing’)

What if I want to add more than 5 skills to my profile?

Working with our partners, we have discovered that a person has 5 core competencies that are most applicable to their projects within an organisation.

You can have a total of 5 skills listed as a ‘Core Competency’ and 5 as a ‘Developing’ skill. When a ‘Developing’ skills become a ‘Core Competency’, you can replace one of the existing ‘Core Competency’ skills.

How do I add a team member?

Team members can only be added by someone with Manager permissions.

To add a team member, click on the ‘Team’ tab and then click on the ‘Invite’ button in the top right corner. Add one or multiple email addresses for everyone you want to invite to the team and then press ‘Send Invites’

They will receive an invitation email to set up an account. Once they have set up their account they will be visible in your team.

How do I add a project?

Projects can only be created by people with ‘Manager’ permissions.

To create a new project, click on the ‘Projects’ tab and then click on the ‘Create New Project’ button in the top right corner. Then follow the prompts to fill in all details required for your new project.

What if someone’s workload changes during a project?

Workloads can only be edited by people with ‘Manager’ permissions.

To change a person’s workload whilst a project is live, click on the ‘Project’ tab and then click on the project name. Click the position name and then change the slider with the new estimated workload.

What if I need to add or remove people to a project whilst it’s live?

Workloads can only be edited by people with ‘Manager’ permissions.

Positions can only be edited by people with ‘Manager’ permissions.

To change or create a position whilst a project is live, click on the ‘Project’ tab and then click on the project name. Click the “Add Position” button on the right and follow the prompts to add a new position. To remove positions, click the X on the far right of a position.

What if I lose a member of staff during a project?

Positions can only be edited by people with ‘Manager’ permissions.

To replace a member of staff mid-project, begin by clicking on the ‘Project’ tab, and then click on the project name. Click on the position name of the staff that has left the project, and change the end-date to the last day they were working on the project. This will make the staff member available to other projects.

If another staff member is replacing the person exiting the position, then you can simply add in another position via the ‘Add Position’ button in the ‘Project’ view, and set the start date to the day they begun within the project’s lifecycle.

What if a project’s parameters change whilst it’s live?

All project parameters (such as dates, positions, position capacities etc.) can be edited manually once a project is live, by someone with ‘Manager’ permissions.

To change any project parameters, click on the ‘Projects’ tab and then the project name that you want to edit.

How do I verify a team member’s skills?

Team members within an organisation are able to select up to 5 ‘Core Competency’ skills and up to 5 ‘Developing’ skills.

It is up to staff & project managers to verify skills that staff members have allocated to their profiles to ensure they are matched to the correct positions in future projects.

Two people in the office don’t work well together. How can I make sure that they aren’t assigned to the same project?

The algorithm that powers Dash matches people based purely on their skills and capabilities, ensuring that the best people available are selected for each position.

There is, however, a ‘Manual Select’ override control to cater for any scenarios such as this. To override an auto-filled position, select ‘More Choices’ on the ‘Best Match’ card. This will allow you to select all staff members within the organisation, and let you know how their skills qualify against the position’s requirements.

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