Pegs For Square Holes

Find the right person for the right job

Dash gives you the breathing room to focus on outcomes by mobilising skills within your workforce on a by-project basis.

Absolute Visibility


Our powerful dashboard will provide your organisation with full transparency across all projects through live tracking on all events. Enhanced clarity on individual workloads and the skillsets that are being applied will provide organisations with the information required to improve results.

Intelligent Mobilisation


Knowing the requirements, timeframe and deliverables of a project are simple. Understanding the ideal makeup of a team in order to deliver a project on time, in budget and to the highest possible standard is the difficult part. With dynamic skills profiling and capacity management Dash can automatically assign and mobilise your killer squad.

Identify Opportunities


Your best resource is your people. Dash will analyse the individual skillsets within your organisation, identify skills gaps and areas of over skilling. This intelligent blueprint will enable organisations to increase efficiencies and improve internal upskilling.

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