A gig solution to automation lead unemployment

The last few years have seen a number of studies point to robots, AI, and automation replacing people’s jobs. A pivotal 2013 study by researchers at the University of Oxford found that of 702 [...]


Pros vs Cons of the 9-5: A history of the work week.

Is the traditional work week obsolete? Technological and social changes are driving people away from rigid 9 to 5 work arrangements and toward more flexible schedules. In fact, the Australian [...]


The Winners & Losers When It Comes To The Chinese Boom

The Chinese upper middle class is booming and cashed up millennials are forecast to visit Australia in the millions. Australian businesses need to be prepared to handle the demands on the [...]


Flexibility Three Ways – Cooking With a Dynamic Workforce

The rise of project-based roles over full-time positions has sparked seismic shifts in the workforce. In Australia, contingent workers are believed to comprise around 30% of the market.


No Strings Attached: The Rise of the Australian Gig Economy (And What We Should Do About it)

The gig-economy represents a movement away from traditional, 9-5 work arrangement in favour of more flexible freelance work. Our research considers the implications of the gig-economy for the [...]


How we are going to achieve our vision AKA “Ze Masterplan”

Background: Sometime in 2008, after I was well underway with my first business, Young Media, I thought it would be an interesting side project to start a software building endeavour and call it [...]

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