No Strings Attached: The Rise of the Australian Gig Economy (And What We Should Do About it)

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The gig-economy represents a movement away from traditional, 9-5 work arrangement in favour of more flexible freelance work. Our research considers the implications of the gig-economy for the worker.  

Gig-Work Is Growing 

Gig-work is forecast to become a significant proportion of the workforce: by 2020, 43% of the American workforce is expected to be gig-workers (Intuit, 2017). Data revealed that 4.1 million Australians, or 32% of the workforce, had freelanced between 2014-15 (Mckinsey and company, 2015). 

By 2020, 43% of the American workforce is expected to be gig-workers 

Indeed, Australian gig-platform, Airtasker, has verified the demand for gig-work in Australia. Airtasker now boasts nearly 1 million users after only five years of business.

So, Is This Good or Bad For Australians? 

We can expect that the gig-economy will change the way we define the meaning of work in years to come – but how do Australians feel about the gig-economy and these impending changes?

Is the gig-economy a force for good or evil?

We know that gig-work can have a positive impact on many lives. First, we need to understand how Australians feel about the gig-economy so as to best empower the gig-workforce. 


Our Research 

We surveyed 117 Australians currently working on two gig-platforms (Airtasker and Microworker) to better understand how they use gig-platforms, how they feel about the rise of gig-economy, and how we can improve the gig-experience. 

Check out our data-packed report on the future of work and join our discussion about how to improve gig-work.

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  • Edward Dostine

    Nice article – I couldn’t download the report though

  • Mim

    Having gig-work especially to those who really needs work favours this kind of arrangement. Well, this may be positive for those who are needing these but some may not be in favor. It depends on your preferences.

  • Dash Symons

    As for someone who really needs a job, a 9-5 work arrangement could be a better way to earn enough for the bills and to be flexible in any kind of work.

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