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Understand your people, unlock their potential.

Do you know your people?


of people at work are bored, with engagement at an 8-year low


of Australians report that their skills are under utilised at work


of employers understand the skills of their people

$54.8 billion

is the annual cost to the Australian economy by disengaged people at work

  • Over $50 billion per year is wasted in Australia due to disengaged employees. What percentage of that is coming from your business?
  • Understanding your people goes beyond knowing their names. Identifying latent skills not only builds efficiencies within your business, but engages your people by unlocking their potential.
  • Dash maps the skill blueprint of your organisation. Our technology identifies strengths and gaps, and uses this information to get the right talent for the right jobs in your organisation.

Our products


  • Match candidates to temporary & casual jobs based on skill profiles
  • Payment within 48 hours
  • Dynamic skill profiles instead of CV’s
  • Find the best people for your shift within minutes

Dash Enterprise

  • Super-charge project scheduling based on your peoples capabilities and capacity
  • Identify and map skills of the people within your company
  • Optimize hiring based on skills-gaps within your teams

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